As a therapist, my style is perhaps best described as eclectic. I work mostly with three theoretical concepts — systemic, cognitive behavioral and experiential therapy.

My training is in family therapy, and I believe that a person's family and the community in which they were raised greatly influence the development of the individual. The family system shapes each person, as well as the roles modeled by a person's primary caregivers. So, even when I work with people in individual therapy, I inquire about their family history and how they have been affected by incidents from childhood and adolesence.

I use a cognitive behavioral approach to assist an individual to change or eliminate unhealthy behaviors. I believe that our thoughts, feelings and actions are all related. My goal is to challenge maladaptive thoughts and feelings and replace them with healthier thoughts and feelings to bring about a change in someone's actions or behaviors.

Lastly, I draw from experiential theory. I believe a positive rapport between therapist and client is essential to success in therapy and, often within the context of a theraputic relationship, core feelings and behaviors manifest themselves and can be processed in the moment.

My education in counseling began at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., from which I graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I continued my education at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Ga., where I received a master's degree in Community Counseling in 1998.

Each year, I attend a number of workshops and presentations by experts in the field, helping me stay current on new research and helpful theraputic techniques. I am frequently attending seminars and workshops on a variety of topics in psychology including: depression and anxiety, parenting, working with adults and children with ADD and ADHD, blended family issues, GLBT concerns, working with sexual abuse survivors and offenders, working with substance abuse issues, cultural diversity, and ethics.
Alison Hoehn, Licensed Professional Counselor
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